Comment from: Wildkid [Visitor]
We should start using our God-given intellect more and stop focussing just on our materialistic greed. We allow the media to turn us all into "commercial zombies" with our main past-time: breeding more "media and commercial slaves", more consumers to satisfy the human greed, greed born out of the emptiness man allows inside us because we have separated ourselves from nature, from real LIFE!!!!!!!
09/27/09 @ 11:43
Comment from: Dr MJ [Member] Email ·
You are 100% hitting the real issue and as long as the human species doesn't acknowledge the true problems facing ourselves and our planet, I'm afraid we are speeding on a self-destructive path.

Too many of any species in a biological systems, first destroy their habitat and then inevitably themselves ...
09/27/09 @ 11:50

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