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  • BunduBash

    Bush Adventures

    A unique wildlife/nature video production where YOU can join us!
    Travel with us, become a sponsor or partner, donate ... the choice is yours ...

  • BunduTalk

    Say it "ass it is"

    Experts share the true conservation, research, and other unique info with us during our special BunduTalk events. These events will be filmed and BunduTalk guests will be included in each episode.


About Us

LIFE is what is happening NOW - don't waste it!!!
Be adventurous and join us for an adventure of a lifetime!
BUNDUBASH is the first professional nature/wildlife filming adventure in Africa where YOU have the opportunity join the journey, travel with us and be part of this unique "bush" production!
DO it NOW - there are only so many tomorrows! ... read more ...

ON TRACK . . .

Our focus

Conservation Awareness
Nature/wildlife Information
Adventure Experience

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Our Tools

AudioVisual Media
Pro HD Video Productions
Pro Filmmaking & Graphic skills
Internet & Social Media
Live Presentations

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Since our focus is on OUR planet - YOU are invited to JOIN the BUNDUBASH adventure!!!

step3 * Life is NOW - LIVE IT! join us now!

ONE planet - ONE life - ENJOY & LIVE it!!!

Whatever YOU want to do, do it NOW - there are only so many tomorrows!