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If we do not teach our children the value of LIFE, how can we expect them to respect and protect it? - Nelson Mandela -
KNOWLEDGE changes ATTITUDES and ACTIONS - all we need to conserve our magical planet!
- dr. Madelein J Grundlingh -

BushmenThe word "djani" is a Bushman word and refers to the reed instrument with which, according to legend, fire, light and heat have been brought to earth.
The djani (also called "zani"), is made from a reed, guinea-fowl feathers, a sinew and resin. Bushmen regard fire as the centre of the social and spiritual life, whilst the home fires are viewed as the heart of the family-life (Bushmen don't live inside their huts, but around the camp-fires).

Similar to the foregoing Bushman legend, it is the vision of DJANI Wildlife Projects that through our work and conservation educational efforts and creations, light and warmth will also be brought to thousands of living creatures and that it will deliver a meaningful contribution to once again join man and nature as a true "family"!

Our Specialities

Wildlife Conservation 100%
Education 100%
Research 80%
Resource Development 80%

Our Vision and Mission

To engage the hearts and minds of people all over the world - informing, educating and inspiring them to become pro-active conservationists because they understand the inter-dependence of all species, acknowledge and respect each other's right to a dignified life and the important role each one has to play within the bigger picture of life.

Enhancing the long term survival of wildlife and natural environments globally through conservation education. To achieve this mission DJANI Wildlife Projects focuses on specialised wildlife and conservation presentations, varied conservation educational assitance, community involvement and participation as well in creating, developing, producing and distributing quality, fun and entertaining wildlife/conservation educational material to not only educate, inform and entertain manKIND, but also in doing so to generate funds to be re-utilised for future conservation education ... "to conserve a vanishing way of life ..."

"A mighty flame follows a tiny spark"

Goals & Priorities

* To provide through our conservation education efforts the "tiny spark" that will cause "a mighty flame" of educated, informed and motivated conservationists.
* To promote public awareness - particularly amongst the younger generation - of the pressing need for wildlife preservation and conservation.
* To afford humans globally the opportunity of getting to know and understand our fellow species, their needs and roles in this life.
* To afford individuals and corporate organisations an opportunity to sponsor conservation through education, enabling all children (privileged and less privileged) to learn, get involved and become passionate about life and the conservation of living creatures.
* To generate income to support existing and future conservation education projects.
* To establish an extensive community outreach and conservation education programme to enable today's and tomorrow's leaders to make wise and informed conservation decisions.
* Where possible and feasible, to obtain habitat and/or help re-establish wildlife species into areas where they once occurred naturally.

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