Wildways Challenge

1. Conservation Education


Conservation Workshops

Lectures, Presentations & Workshops:
Professional wildlife/conservation education lectures and programmes presented directly at the requesting school's premises or at various participating private nature reserves and wildlife farms. Hands-on wildlife presentations that will include different live animals are also available.

Hands-on wildlife presentations that will include different live animals are also available. During the past 12 months, more than 50 000 pupils and teachers have been reached with our presentations.
Numerous lectures and presentations at corporate and business functions, seminars and conferences have also been done.

2. Interschool Challenge


Wildlife / Nature Knowledge

Knowledge Competitions

A national interschool wildlife knowledge competition, based amongst others, on the wildlife information included on the wildlife Trump cards (see below), will take place towards the end of the year at a participating host school.

Photography Competitions

3. Wildlife Books & Games

Africa's Mammals

Award-winning Wildlife Books

TWO brand new wildlife books by DJANI Wildlife Projects:
The ENGLISH EDITION: "AFRICA'S MAMMALS - Discovering 101 species" and
the AFRIKAANS EDITION: "SOOGDIERE van AFRIKA - Ontdek 101 spesie"

Become a Wildlife Expert while having fun!
Our unique WildWays Wildlife Trump Card Series, containing exact and extraordinary wildlife information on more than 180 different animal species (including mammals, birds and reptiles), are distributed directly to schools and also via our online shop.

4. YOUR Participation

The only request that we have, is an opportunity to present our project to you and your organisation/school and, should you be satisfied with our presentation, give your organisation/school an opportunity to participate in the "WildWays Wildlife Challenge".

Following your approval, the project will be presented as part of a unique, fun and most informative wildlife conservation presentation. Michelle Garforth and her team have covered the media launch of the "WildWays Wildlife Challenge" (held at the Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve), for SABC 2. To become part of this unique Wildlife Challenge or for any further information, please contact us immediately (click here).

WildWays Challenge