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EducationSCHOOLS: Professional wildlife/conservation education lectures and programmes presented directly at the school's premises or, if requested by the school, at one of the supporting small, private nature reserves and game farms.
High tech support resources as well as live specimans are used to give a hands-on experience to the audience during the presentations. We also do special presentations that focus on specific themes in the school syllabus (eg. global warming, conservation, species extinction, habitat destruction, pollution, deforestation, and much more).

Dr. Madelein Grunlingh alone, has reached and involved more than 260 000 pupils and teachers during the past 3 years. Thank you to all those school principals and staff for their vision and the opportunity to have shared some of our conservation knowledge and expertise with you and your schools. Visit our "WildWays Wildlife Challenge" page for more info.

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mammal booksTWO brand new wildlife books by DJANI Wildlife Projects:
The ENGLISH EDITION: "AFRICA'S MAMMALS - Discovering 101 species" and the AFRIKAANS EDITION: "SOOGDIERE van AFRIKA - Ontdek 101 spesie" - written by dr. Madelein J Grundlingh (text & photographs) & André Olwage (graphic design & wildlife art).

The above two books are treasures of unique wildlife information that has never before been published nor been available in such a condensed and visually spectacular presented style. Each book (28 x 21,5 cm) consists of 224 full colour pages with each of the 101 different mammal species beautifully illustrated and discussed over a double page. Read more ... NB: Profit on the sale of both these amazing books will be donated to the Wildlife Education Foundation (WEF), a registered non-profit conservation organisation.

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WildWays Trump Cards"FIELD GUIDE in a BOX"

A collection of 30 different titles (decks) of educational trump cards focusing on wildlife. There are three different series: the Africa, World and Junior Series.
All the information on these cards has been professionally researched and selected to provide hours of fun, entertainment and lots of educational information.Each pack contains 40 different wildlife cards.

Twelve different games can be played with a single deck of cards. Combine the different decks of wildlife trumps and play 15 different card games!

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UMBULI ProductionsFounded in 2007, UMBULI Productions specialises in high quality video production and graphic design with wildlife documentaries our speciality. UMBULI Productions is a "one-stop-shop", able to do full productions from the concept, research, script to the final edit and special effect!


DJANI Wildlife Projects is primarily a wildlife conservation initiative focussing primarily on promoting wildlife knowledge and conservation education.
Let's be honest: conservation without educating the human species which influences wildlife and the environment the most, is usually only a short-term solution to a long-term challenge. This is globally illustrated by the general disrespectful and destructive human behaviour, even of visitors to nature reserves and protected wildlife areas.

"KNOWLEDGE changes ATTITUDES and ACTIONS" - "informed people are more inclined to be conservation conscious people".

Conservation starts with two informed, inspired and motivated individuals - ME and YOU!

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Wildlife Books & Games

Africa's Mammals

Award-winning Wildlife Books

TWO brand new wildlife books by DJANI Wildlife Projects:
The ENGLISH EDITION: "AFRICA'S MAMMALS - Discovering 101 species" and
the AFRIKAANS EDITION: "SOOGDIERE van AFRIKA - Ontdek 101 spesie"

Become a Wildlife Expert while having fun!
Our unique WildWays Wildlife Trump Card Series, containing exact and extraordinary wildlife information on more than 180 different animal species (including mammals, birds and reptiles), are distributed directly to schools and also via our online shop.